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Looking for a life with more JOY & EASE?

I believe that we stop experiencing life and our being, our most radiant self, when we are on automatic pilot.

Especially if we have been under pain and pressure for long periods of time.

We shut down to our body, to our emotions, and choose not to listen to any alarm that could go off through them, because they become reminders of more suffering, and I understand that, seriously who wants them?

Yet when you start noticing and really feeling the pain, and bring consciousness to it, then you can put yourself in the space of choosing again and with my program, Bliss in All the Right Places: Reinvent Yourself in 90 Days, you will be able to touch that uncomfortable zone and choose to move consciously and create changes that will lead you to an EASIER more JOYFUL life that will bring you back to your bodies and from there to Experiencing Being.



Marcela Kyngesburye

Contributing to the happiness of the most amazing People

For over 15 years, I have worked as an engineer, healer, transformational coach and teacher. In addition, I have worked on igniting curiosity, developing imagination, and manifesting well-being for myself and others. My life is a constant adventure filled with amazing people. Wellness has always been a passion of mine and led me to become the founder of the Bliss in All the Right Places: Reinvent yourself in 90 days program. I love asking questions and creating choices, to live free of judgments and invite joy and ease. Join my Facebook Group at Marcela Kyngesburye or email me at marcela@kyngchaos.com

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