What are people saying?


“Marce Lara is one of my favorite people in the world. She is a bright, wise, deep talented healer. I was lucky to be her patient which unfolded a great friendship. I have been able to achieve deep breakthroughs and experience healing energy when working with Marce. She has the ability to use different methods to recognize the issue at hand. She also has great intuitive power to generate empathy and a great rapport with the people she works with. It is very easy to feel tangible change and results after having one of her sessions. She is one of the healers that lives with congruence with her own knowledge. We are very lucky to have her in this world.”

Andrea Ehrenberg

When I think of Marcela, I see this courageous, beautiful feminine spirit full of wisdom and integrity. I have known Marcela over 5 years, both as a colleague and as the recipient of her healing sessions. In professional situations Marcela is an effective leader who has a capacity to ask the right questions helping teams work together more harmoniously. As a healer, Marcela combines her intuition, kindness, and loving heart with a strong skill set of healing modalities. She is extremely effective! Once I had a distance healing session with Marcela and I could feel the energy shift, easing a chronic pain. I am honored to recommend Marcela as a life coach. Her playfulness and joy which she infuses into every session is just icing on the cake!

Lynn Stull

Transformational? Yes!

I’ve known Marcela for several years—first as a member of a spirituality group, then as a learner from her in natural healing techniques. Marcela walks in that world with familiarity and skill. She has a deep spirituality that always surprises me by manifesting in some new, unexpected way. We sat down together one afternoon, so she could show me a dowsing technique. By the end of our session I KNEW we had been working with the power of the unseen realm. The atmosphere in the room had shifted dramatically.

Marcela loves people. No, she embraces people, and you leave her presence up-lifted, cheered on. What a wonderful healer—and her best years are still ahead. Go ahead, work with her. You won’t regret it!

DG, Lac.

Marcela, I just had to write you to let you know that I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with you! I was really struggling with getting clarity and direction. And also, with past failures that I didn’t realize where still bothering me and hindering my success that I so desire. Working with you has helped me overcome what was holding me back and I didn’t even know it! For that I can’t thank you enough! I can’t stop spinning my wheels now! I feel empowered and much more confident and its showing in my business! YAY! And by the way, the Tarot card reading was phenomenal! You are truly gifted! I’m going to be coming back for more readings and referring all my friends to you! Much Love,

Amberley Morales

“I’ve known Marcela since she arrived in Madison to teach at a small independent school. She was amazing in the classroom, seeing the special qualities of each child. She understood their areas for growth and helped them to succeed in and out of the classroom. When I needed help during difficult times, Marcela provided energy work, essential oils and flower remedies that aided me as I went through life’s transitions. Marcela has an innate ability to understand people and situations and is always willing to facilitate learning, change and growth. She is a serious student of meditation, mindfulness and spiritual development.”

Donna Benedict

“I will never forget that kindness you showed me all year! You are the definition of compassion and have such an infectious loving energy. “

Lauren Leffingwell

I have known Mrs. Marcela Lara for over 15 years and her positive and joyful personality has always been of great inspiration to me. Mrs. Lara acted as translator for my earth rejuvenating company (C-Dar Biodynamic Society). Her wonderful skills in enriching translations with a personality full of zest and vigour made THE difference. Farmers are not exactly the easiest people to convince of better methods, but her gift in bringing healing to the earth surely was. Hundreds of not thousands of farmers switched away from earth damaging methods. Thank you Mrs. Lara.

Ferdinand Vondruska

Marcela’s extraordinary generosity of spirit is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of her. My husband and I have enjoyed knowing Marcela for the past four years, during which time we have become ever closer friends. Also during that time, she married an old friend of ours, much to our delight (not to mention his!), so she seems like part of our family. Marcela managed to transform our holiday celebrations from a big, expensive project that required a lot of work on our part to a more relaxed and egalitarian affair where everyone contributes, thereby making it even more fun than it was before. She has a gift for creating and enhancing community, in this and other ways. She is empathetic and well organized; when I asked her for job advice on behalf of a friend who needed a position working with children, she promptly responded with a list of possibilities including links, names, phone numbers, descriptions, and helpful and encouraging advice. It was so much more than I expected, and it did the job for our friend, who remains grateful. Marcela’s warmth, compassion, and intelligence make her stand out in any crowd. As a Transformational Coach, Marcela will be insightful and sensitive to her clients’ needs and wishes, resourceful and supportive in her approach, and she will put her whole warm heart into helping them achieve what they want. She will help her clients find their joy, in whatever way is right for them. She has my enthusiastic recommendation, without reservation!

Tinney Heath

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