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What healing/energy techniques do you practice?

Pranic Healing
Spiritual Response Therapy
Access Consciousness The Bars
Dreamspell: Mayan Calendar
Calendar of the Soul Meditation
Transformational Tarot Readings and Clearings, 25+ Decks
Meditation on Twin Hearts
Craniosacral Therapy
Bach Flower Essences, FES
Biographical Work
Easing Grief
Aromatouch Technique
doTERRA Essential Oils

Through your journey who have been your spiritual teachers?

I have been really blessed with the teachings of so many beings.
I am especially thankful to
Master Choa Kok Sui
Master Co
Rudolf Steiner
Robert Detzler
Torkom Saraydarian
Gita Saraydarian
Tony Robbins
Thich Nhat Hanh

… and to so many innumerable teachers I have had through the years, to all of them goes my gratitude.

Please briefly describe your mindfulness/meditation retreat experience [when, where, with whom, theme(s)]. Please share if you’ve studied with a specific teacher(s).

I started as a teenager and until this day, I keep going to different retreats. It is a great way to immerse yourself in the teachings.

    • 1990 Young Christians Retreat, Cuernavaca, México
    • 1996 Death Retreat, Cherif Chalakani, Tepoztlán, México
    • 1996 Rebirth Retreat, Cherif Chalakani, Leon, México
    • 1997 Chakrasamvara Initiation, Carlos de León, Cuernavaca, México
    • 1997 White Tara Initiation, Carlos de León, Cuernavaca, México
    • 1999 Introduction to the theory and practice of Tibetan Buddhism, Marco Antonio Karam, Casa Tibet Mexico
    • 2003 Arhatic Yoga Retreat, Master Nona Castro, Cuernavaca, México
    • 2006 Pranic Healing Retreat, Master Santiago Aviles, Cuernavaca, México
    • 2016 The Christian Community, Weekend Retreat, Richard Dancey, Madison, Wisconsin
    • 2016-2017, Mindfulness Class for Educators, 10 week program with Chad McGehee and Lori Gustafson, MMSD & UW Health
    • 2017 Day of Mindfulness, Sara Parrell, Madison, WI (Spring & Fall)
    • 2017 Shaolin Qi Gong, Sifu Pragata, Madison, WI
    • 2017-2018 MBSR with Cynthia Nordmeyer
    • 2018 Pranic Healing Buddhism Revealed and Arhatic Yoga

Please describe your background/training with a movement practice and your current movement practice:

I have practiced through the years:

  • The 7 Lotus Chi Kung by Carlos de León
  • Qi Gong with Pragata and Dianné Aldrich
  • Bothmer Gymnastics and Spatial Dynamics
  • Eurythmy since 2007, with Leonore Russell, Virna Luna, David-Michael & Glenda Monasch, Karen Gallagher, Constance Michael, Lynn Stull, Francis Vogel.

My current movement practice includes dancing, cardio, the five tibetans, walking, and biking.

Please list your healing practice training:

  • 2004 Basic Pranic Healing
  • Advanced Pranic Healing
  • 2005 Pranic Crystal Healing
  • Pranic Psychotherapy
  • Pranic Psychic Self Defense
  • 2006 Super Brain Yoga
  • Arhatic Yoga
  • Kriyashakti
  • Dreamspell, Mayan Calendar
  • 2007 Spiritual Response Therapy – Basic
  • Gaiadon Heart
  • Tarot
  • 2008 Spiritual Response Therapy – Advanced
  • 2011 Craniosacral Therapy
  • 2014 Access The Bars
  • Access Body Processes
  • How to Become Money
  • Eurythmy Workshop, Madison, WI
  • 2017 Second Circle Mindfulness Training, Sara Parrell, Madison, WI
  • Deepening your personal mindfulness practice, Sara Parrell, Madison, WI
  • The Joy of Healing, Torkom Saraydarian
  • 2018 Mind & Body, Mindfulness Training Workshop, My Mind & Holistic Life Foundation, Ali Smith, Atman Smith, Andres Gonzalez, Madison, WI
  • Unleash the power within, Tony Robbins, Chicago, IL
  • Restoring Self, Restoring Community, Restoring Schools, Deb Farrah-Simpson, Madison, WI
  • Engaged Mindfulness Summit: Building an Inclusive, Just, and Sustainable World, Shakil Choudhury, Madison, WI
  • CAR: Mindfulness and Equity, Sara Parrell, Kathleen Doherty, Madison, WI
  • Foundations in Mindfulness for beginners, Sara Parrell, Madison, WI
  • Fundamentos de Atención Plena, Sandra Rivera & Sylvia Ruiz, Madison, WI
  • Day of Mindfulness, Sara Parrell, Madison, WI

Please describe your background/training around human development and education:

  • 2007 Waldorf Education Teacher Training
  • Calendar of the Soul
  • The Eightfold Path and the Six Basic Exercises of Rudolf Steiner
  • Association of Waldorf Schools of North America, AWSNA Regional Conference, Tlaxcala, Mexico.
  • Active participant, still today, of Anthroposophical Study Groups, face to face, online, Mexico, US
  • 2008 AWSNA Regional Conference, Valle de Bravo, Mexico
  • 2010 Waldorf Education Teacher Training 2
  • 2011 Waldorf Education Teacher Training 3
  • AWSNA Summer Conference, Adelphi University/Waldorf School of Garden City, NY
  • 2012 AWSNA Regional Conference, Waldorf Lila, Querétaro
  • 2013 Waldorf Education Teacher Training 4
  • 2014 Waldorf Education Teacher Training 5
  • The Child of Today: Concerns, Gifts, Observations, MKE, WI
  • 2015 AWSNA Regional Conference, Torin Finser, MKE, WI
  • AWSNA Regional Conference, Cincinnati, OH
  • 2016 Transformational Thinking: A new look at “looking”, GLWI, MKE, WI
  • AWSNA Summer Conference, Detroit Waldorf School, Michigan
  • 2017 Adaptive Schools, Madison, WI
  • Project GLAD, Madison, WI
  • 2018 Using Circles to Teach, Erin Dunlevy, Madison, WI

Please list other relevant trainings:

  • 2001 BSc Chemical Engineering, UIA, Mexico.
  • International Institute for Facilitation and Change, Consensus decision making, Cuernavaca, Mexico.
  • 2009 C-DAR Farm Biodynamic Agriculture, BC, Canada
  • Eco technologies and renewable energies, Mexico
  • 2013 M. Translation, Interpretation & Cultural Studies

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